UK Metro Mayors

All of the six new English metro mayors elected in May 2017 will be attending the summit. They have had their input into the agenda to ensure it meets their needs as they take on the challenge of developing a brand new government institution and deliver on their manifesto, all in a short first term of only three years. At the summit these mayors can expect to gain insight from their US counterparts while also offering their reflection and knowledge into how to build trust and engagement in the mayoral model.

Andy Burnham

Steve Rotheram

Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region

Population size:  1,524,500 

Economy (GVA): £29.5bn

Steve Rotheram is a former Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, and like Andy Burnham, is an experienced national politician, helping to raise the profile of the Liverpool City Region mayoralty and could be crucial in negotiating the area’s needs with national government. Steve’s priorities for the region are to improve residents’ education and skills opportunities, reducing inequality and improving transport in the area.


Andy Street

Ben Houchen

Metro Mayor of Tees Valley

Population size:  667,500  

Economy (GVA): £12.6bn

Ben Houchen was formerly the Leader of the Conservative Group in Stockton Council – a local authority within Tees Valley, and has been in local politics since 2011. His priorities are to improve the economic prospects of the Tees Valley building on its existing strengths as a port, and its housing of major distribution centres.


James Palmer

Tim Bowles

Metro Mayor of West of England

Population size:  908,900  

Economy (GVA): £26.9bn

Mayor Tim Bowles was previously a Conservative Councillor for South Gloucestershire, working in local politics since 2011. His key priorities for his mayoralty are to tackle congestion, deliver new homes and improve the area’s digital infrastructure.


Andy Burnham

Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester

Population size:  2,756,100 

Economy (GVA): £59.6bn

Andy Burnham is a former Labour MP for Leigh and former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. As a highly experienced national politician, he is almost among the most high profile of the six mayors. His priorities are to tackle homelessness, and support young people not in education or work to link them to opportunities.

Steve Rotheram Mayor of Liverpool

Andy Street

Metro Mayor of West Midlands

Population size:  2,833,600  

Economy (GVA): £59.3bn

Andy Street is a Conservative mayor and former Managing Director of John Lewis, a well-known and successful UK retailer; he also was Chair of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership an economic development partnership between businesses and local government. Andy’s priorities for the West Midlands are to reduce congestion, improve transport and boost skills.


Ben Houchen

James Palmer

Metro Mayor of Cambridge and Peterborough

Population size:  841,300  

Economy (GVA): £24.2bn

James Palmer is an experienced local politician and was previously Conservative leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council, and a Councillor since 2007. As Mayor, James’s key priority is to bring the benefits of Cambridge’s continued high growth to the wider metropolitan region.


Tim Bowles