US Mayors

To achieve the Summit's aim of supporting the new English mayors to develop fruitful networks with their counterparts overseas, Boston University, Citi and Bloomberg Philanthropies have together invited five successful and knowledgeable mayors from the USA. Each mayor has been chosen because they are not only effective in office, but lead cities of similar size in terms of both economy, and population. These mayors can not only expect to provide their insight into what it means to be a mayor, but participate in a meaningful knowledge exchange with their new UK counterparts.

Betsy Price

Betsy Price

Mayor of Fort Worth,


Population size:  854,113 

Economy (Metro Area GDP): $53,214

Betsy Price, a Fort Worth native, was elected in 2011 as the 44th mayor of the City of Fort Worth. In 2017, Price was re-elected for her fourth two-year term. Along with her focus on promoting jobs, strengthening education, fighting crime, and improving mobility, Mayor Price has made significant strides along the path toward her vision of a healthy, engaged, and fiscally responsible city.

Bob Buckhorn

Bob Buckhorn

Mayor of Tampa,


Population size: 377,165

Median household income: $44,185

After a long history of service to the City of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn was elected in 2011 as the 58th mayor of Tampa, where he leads over 4,300 civil servants. Mayor Buckhorn is in his second term and has made it his priority to focus on public safety, strong neighborhoods, and economic growth.


Jorge Elorza

Mayor of Providence, 

Rhode Island

Population size:  179,219 

Median household income: $37,501

Jorge Elorza was elected in 2015 as the 38th Mayor of the City of Providence. Since taking office, Mayor Elorza has been focused on the long-term and in his 2017 State of the City address, he named finances, infrastructure, schools, and city services as the four key challenges facing Providence.

Jorge Elorza
John Tecklenburg

John Tecklenburg

Mayor of Charleston,

South Carolina

Population size:  134,385 

Median household income: $55,546

John Tecklenburg was elected in 2016 as the 61st Mayor of the City of Charleston. Since becoming mayor, Tecklenburg has been committed to improving citizens’ quality of life and making Charleston a city of opportunity for all. His plan to realize this vision covers five major areas – citywide livability, transportation and public transit, the economy, jobs and housing, and more responsive city services.


Greg Fischer

Greg Fischer

Mayor of Louisville,


Population size:  616,261 

Median household income: $45,762

Greg Fischer was elected Louisville's 50th mayor in 2010 and was reelected for a second four-year term in 2015. Since taking office, Mayor Fischer has pursued three top goals: making Louisville a city of lifelong learning, a much healthier city, and an even more compassionate community. These are the three pillars of his administration. As a businessman and entrepreneur, Mayor Fischer brings a data-driven approach to city government with a goal of making it more efficient and accessible.